3 Step Method to Get back to Running - Masterclass

Successfully step back into running after kids

In this 1.5 hour masterclass, I'll teach you my simple 3 step method to get back to running safely without injury or pelvic floor issues!

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After childbirth, your body just isn’t the same.

The daily tasks like carrying the laundry, taking the stairs and lifting your kids are demanding now. Your body isn’t cooperating like it used to, and it just seems like everything is more challenging.

I help Moms get strong and feel like themselves again

This masterclass is all about teaching you how to activate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to automatically work when you cough, sneeze, laugh, take the stairs, pick up your laundry or do whatever it is you want to do.

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This is Megan McClure's Story

A mother of two and avid sports player, Megan came to me with knee pain and leaking issues. Her fitness seemed to plateau and she couldn't play with her kids like she wanted to.

Over the course of just 4 sessions, we worked on Megan’s breathing, muscle coordination and her exercise form. The results were amazing!

Her knee pain resolved

She did a 5k and her running felt great

She no longer experienced leaking

She finally felt the “right” muscles firing when she did her body building work outs, like her lower abs and her glutes

Get the relief you crave by relearning how to contract and coordinate your muscles

You won't have to stop and think about how you're performing your daily activities. You’ll be able to just DO.

You can expect to:

Walk away with actionable exercises that you can start today!

Gain a full understanding of who needs pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Get clear on when rehab is needed for new and experienced Mothers.

This is right for you if...

You’re leaking when you sneeze, cough, run or play with your kids,

You have ab separation or suffer from prolapse,

You have joint pain (knees, hips SI joint/back or pelvis).

Mom pushing her kids down the hall in a laundry basket having a fun time

Find out the REAL “how to” of working on your pelvic floor

So you can go back to NOT thinking about that sneeze that’s brewing or whether it’s “safe” to run after your toddler. What an AMAZING feeling!
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