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Get back to running Mama, without






I take mothers through a step-by-step system designed to strengthen and heal their pelvic floor postpartum so they can get back into running quickly and safely.

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you knew your life would change after pregnancy but...

You didn’t know the physical challenges would make you feel stuck

With your pain you have to limit your activities because you don’t want to overdo it

You’re afraid you need to live like THIS because your doctor told you this is the “new normal”

You're unsure. Unsure of  when you should start, what exercises your should do or how to progress safely back to running

Mom doing crunches holding her baby on her table top shins

I have good news

You can get back to running even stronger and faster than before because your health is in your hands, no one else's.

I’ve done it myself.

Rachel smiling at the camera with her baby backpack

Hey, I'm Rachel

Mom of 3 | Physical TherapisT | Runner

Get strong while saving your precious time

As a Mother, I know carving out time for yourself is super challenging.

That’s why I’ve created actionable solutions to get you back to running successfully that only take a short weekly time commitment.

I’ll help you heal your pelvic floor, strengthen your core, prevent injuries and get back to running ASAP.

When you prioritize your well-being, you’re choosing a healthier, fuller life

You shouldn’t have to choose between the house chores, your well-being or playing with your kids, and you don’t have to.

Mom spinning her child happily in the living room

I've helped Mothers just like you

and here's what they're saying...

Thanks for all your help…Your kindness during a time when I wasn’t so sure this had been a good idea was greatly appreciated! Your skills and kindness were so helpful and encouraging!

Jeanine M

“[Anonymous] just pulled me aside and just raved about you. She thinks you are amazing…Thank you for all you do, you make a difference in patients’ lives.”


I’ve been looking for a good exercise program, especially since I had to be on bed rest for part of my pregnancy. As a medical doctor, I didn’t want to just get anything from the internet that may or may not work, or may or may not be safe.

Rachel has true expertise, and her program was just perfect for me! I was surprised that I actually had time to stick to it even in my schedule as a busy mom.

Victoria A

I love running, hiking, biking, and skiing so I'm not always very nice to my body. Before working with Rachel, so many parts of my body felt broken and in need of repair.

For while, I lived with lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and I experienced awful pain in my right scapula every time I sneezed. Rachel's level of expertise, knowledge and fresh approach to looking at a woman's body blew me away! I'm no longer experiencing low back, hip pain or pain when I sneeze!

And I'll be working on with Rachel in the future to keep me pain-free and doing the things I love.

Megan McClure
Real Estate Agent | Mama of 2 | Pro Bodybuilder

No more pain and discomfort

just the pure joy of completing your last mile!

If you're ready to swiftly and safely conquer your fitness journey back to running postpartum, I can help you. My signature program can have you back to running and feeling like your beautiful, strong self again in as little as 3-months!

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3 Step Method Masterclass

Start your return to running

What if you could heal your pelvic floor to get some relief?

If you find yourself in pain or physically limited after childbirth it’s likely your body needs some TLC.

Join me in this masterclass where I share the who, what and how of healing to get back to running for any stage of Mom.

Check out the Masterclass
Image of the masterclass playing on a laptop