The BEST Exercises for Pregnant Runners - PDF

Support your running while pregnant

This free guide will share the importance of strengthening while pregnant, and the how-tos of safe and effective exercises and will aid you on your postpartum recovery journey.

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We all know we should, but many of us don’t want to or feel that we don’t have the time.

I totally get it. It’s hard fitting it all in: maybe you’re working full time and tending to your family or children when you’re not at work. Maybe you’re a stay a home mom and you’re wrangling one or more kids all day long. It’s exhausting. The last thing you want to do is add to your plate and take away valuable time you could be spending elsewhere.

I designed these exercises to only take a few minutes a few times a week to get results

I know you're busy, that's why I curated these exercises to be quick and effective. These exercises are safe and effective for all three trimesters of pregnancy and you can these can do anytime, anywhere with NO equipment! If you commit to them, these exercises will ADD value to your pregnancy, running, delivery and way beyond.

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This is Megan McClure's Story

A mother of two and avid sports player, Megan came to me with knee pain and leaking issues. Her fitness seemed to plateau and she couldn't play with her kids like she wanted to.

Over the course of just 4 sessions, we worked on Megan’s breathing, muscle coordination and her exercise form. The results were amazing!

Her knee pain resolved

She did a 5k and her running felt great

She no longer experienced leaking

She finally felt the “right” muscles firing when she did her body building work outs, like her lower abs and her glutes

Quick strength routine to add to your weekly activities

This is a 13 page PDF guide based on best practices and physical therapy guidelines that contains three main exercises you can modify and build off of.

You can expect to:

Learn the safe, effective, easy and quick strengthening exercises to do while pregnant

Get a full understanding of how to incorporate your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles into these exercises for maximal benefit

Feel stronger and more connected with your body with only a few minutes a few times a week

This is right for you if...

You want to decrease your risk for injury during pregnancy

You want to prepare your body for labor and delivery

You are short on time and want to do the most effective exercises

Woman practicing downward dog on yoga mat

Take care of your body and it will take care of you

After integrating these exercises into your weekly routine you'll keep yourself strong throughout your pregnancy and set yourself up for a smooth postpartum recovery. How wonderful is that?! Sign up below to get your PDF guide today.
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