Postpartum Pelvic Floor Exercises - PDF

Exercises for any stage of motherhood

A comprehensive PDF guide you can start using the day you give birth, or even years after so you can heal from your birth experience and prevent injury. These exercises improve your posture, realign your spine and help with your pelvic floor health.

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Intentionally gentle postpartum exercises that feel SO good

These exercises feel really, really good to a tired, sore and fatigued postpartum body. And they don't take much time to do because I know finding time to yourself right now is pretty limited. Whether you can get them all done at once or you can do a few at a time, they will give you relief, Mama.

You can start doing these exercises immediately postpartum

And if you’re further along postpartum (months, years, even) and still feel you need to heal from your birth experience, you can do these as well. These exercises use a combination of deep, belly breathing, and stretching along with small body movements for the body.

Rachel doing yoga while hanging out with her children in her living room

This is Megan McClure's Story

A mother of two and avid sports player, Megan came to me with knee pain and leaking issues. Her fitness seemed to plateau and she couldn't play with her kids like she wanted to.

Over the course of just 4 sessions, we worked on Megan’s breathing, muscle coordination and her exercise form. The results were amazing!

Her knee pain resolved

She did a 5k and her running felt great

She no longer experienced leaking

She finally felt the “right” muscles firing when she did her body building work outs, like her lower abs and her glutes

Heal your pelvic floor and reap the benefits of a strong body

Committing to these exercises will improve your mobility, helping your everyday life.

You can expect to:

Learn about exercises that help close your abdomen and realign your spine

Learn how to close your body from your experience of delivery

Learn impactful postnatal breathing techniques

This is right for you if...

You feel pain during intercourse or have a degree of abdominal separation

You feel heaviness or dragging in the pelvic area

You're leaking or having difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels

Daughter and mom playing with pillows on the couch

Moms need to realign their body after carrying a baby inside of them for so many months

You went through some massive expansion through pregnancy and it's up to you to restore and close your body. These exercises are a great foundation on your journey healing journey and will help you realign, rest and rejuvenate your body giving you more mobility and freedom.
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