The Postpartum Running Prep Guide - PDF

Get back to running after having your baby

What I often hear is that moms aren't sure when they can get back to running after having their baby. There's so much conflicting information out there, it's hard to know where to start. I want to show you how to quickly assess your strength, balance and pelvic floor function with easy tests you can do in 5 minutes at home today. Figure out when you're ready to return to run and how to get the help you need to get there!

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Rachel pregnant standing with her other two kids who have their hands on her belly.

Complete the checklist for pelvic floor health

Healing time, pelvic floor strength and the presence of any symptoms (like leaking, pain or prolapse) can influence your postpartum recovery and getting back to running. Do you ever feel like your pain or pelvic floor symptoms are limiting your ability to live your life or play with your kids? ‍ Do you ever pee when you sneeze, laugh, pick up or run after your child? ‍ Do you want to just feel 'normal' again? Find out what you need to do before lacing up your running shoes.

Do simple run tests at home in less than 5 minutes

Quickly assess your strength, balance and pelvic floor function with easy tests you can do today! (No equipment needed). Test your strength so you know where you're currently at and where you need to focus your efforts. Look at your balance so your running pattern is optimized when you start back up. And assess your pelvic floor function so you know how to heal before lacing up your running shoes.

Rachel standing next to her kids in the double running stroller

This is Megan McClure's Story

A mother of two and avid sports player, Megan came to me with knee pain and leaking issues. Her fitness seemed to plateau and she couldn't play with her kids like she wanted to.

Over the course of just 4 sessions, we worked on Megan’s breathing, muscle coordination and her exercise form. The results were amazing!

Her knee pain resolved

She did a 5k and her running felt great

She no longer experienced leaking

She finally felt the “right” muscles firing when she did her body building work outs, like her lower abs and her glutes

12 weeks is the new 6 weeks--Are you and your pelvic floor ready?

Get immediate access to the Postpartum Running Prep Guide PDF to determine where you're at with your fitness and pelvic floor health so you know exactly what to do to get back to running!

You can expect to:

Identify your current strengths and areas that need improvement for successful running

Learn how your own postpartum journey impacts your healing and return to run timeline

Perform at-home strength and balance tests to see how you measure up to the "norms" for mother runners

This is right for you if...

You're a mom who wants to start or get back to running

You're wondering when you'll be back into your regular running routine

You want to run and just feel like yourself again

Rachel running pushing a double stroller by a lake

Meet Rachel

I, and many other moms, have made the mistake of starting once "cleared" to run again at 6 weeks. After my second baby, starting too soon prolonged my recovery from my pelvic pain and it took me 1.5 years to finally run comfortably again. Using the tests in this guide helped inform my own rehab process after babies 3 and 4, and I started running without pain at 3 months postpartum –what a difference! Remember, just because your doctor gives you the "all clear" to run again, doesn't mean that your pelvic floor has!! Do the work, heal yourself, and get back to it sooner WITHOUT pain or pelvic floor issues!
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