Strength and Endurance Check

Gain clarity and direction with your journey back to running

If you’re confused about where to start or what you should be doing to get back to running this Strength and Endurance check is perfect for you.

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You need a complete picture of your current health so you can move into running and exercising confidently

There is so much free help on the internet your head is spinning with information, how do you know what should apply to you in your current condition? This Strength and Endurance check is all about assessing your current fitness level so you have a full understanding and baseline to move into exercising confidently.

How I help

I’m not like other coaches or physical therapists who generalize your symptoms, then provide a bandaid solution to you. I care deeply about finding the root cause of your condition so we can tackle and resolve the real problem that’s holding you back. Once we know where you’re starting from I can direct you to focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on your health. My clients get results that allow them to live a fuller life, and that’s what I want for you.

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This is Megan McClure's Story

A mother of two and avid sports player, Megan came to me with knee pain and leaking issues. Her fitness seemed to plateau and she couldn't play with her kids like she wanted to.

Over the course of just 4 sessions, we worked on Megan’s breathing, muscle coordination and her exercise form. The results were amazing!

Her knee pain resolved

She did a 5k and her running felt great

She no longer experienced leaking

She finally felt the “right” muscles firing when she did her body building work outs, like her lower abs and her glutes

Evaluating your current fitness is essential to choosing the most effective exercise regime for building a strong, healthy body

Gain a full understanding of your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on what needs the most attention.

You can expect to:

Get clear on what areas of your body needs your utmost attention to achieve your goals

Outline a starting point and foundation to measure your fitness progress

Get recommendations on the best exercises and movement to help you make progress right now

This is right for you if...

You're not sure where to begin your strength training to get back to running/impact

You want to see if you're actually ready to start running (or if you have more work to do) whether you're newly postpartum or it's been a while

You want to make sure you're as strong as possible before running to help prevent things like prolapse, worsening a diastasis, or leaking

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Your health is invaluable and your time is precious

Save your time, money and energy, Mama. If you’re done Googling and searching Youtube for general exercises and bandaid fixes, it’s time to get a professional’s help. Sign up for your Strength and Endurance check today so you can confidently progress with your fitness.
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