What you need to know about Running while Pregnant or Postpartum

Run through pregnancy safely, learn when it's ok to push through and when it's time to call it quits. And find out how old recommendations are hurting postpartum moms.

One of my favorite things to do is talk about running in pregnancy and postpartum, no matter how long it's been since you had your kids. (I'm of the belief that postpartum truly is forever!)

We all want to know how long we can keep running in pregnancy and how to get back to it after having kids–whether it’s right away or you’ve taken a hiatus and are wanting to get back to it after your kids are a little older. This is one of those times.

I was featured on the Strong Moms Fitness Podcast with Daisy Bravo and it was amazing. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

In this episode I got vulnerable and shared a few stories about my own experiences of running in pregnancy and how hard it was getting back to it after my second baby. 

We talked tactics as much as we talked about the realities of motherhood and running, and I felt like I not only got to share some of my story with a new audience, but to also share how the more recent guidelines are impacting returning to run protocols now. 

Here's what we covered:

How to continue to run during pregnancy

Common injuries that pregnant and postpartum runners are susceptible to

How to manage core and pelvic floor pressure when running

Types of belly support bands to help keep you active during pregnancy and postpartum (I found a new favorite since this episode aired. You can find it HERE.)

Check out the full podcast: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

P.S. This is the kind of topic that I love and what I do every day with clients. If you want to dive deeper so that you can get keep running in pregnancy or get back to running faster postpartum, let’s chat. I’d love to hear about what’s working and not working for you right now, and a quick 30 minute call is a great way to get to know each other. You can schedule a time here.

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Get back to normal. Get back to running.

I help Moms at all stages of postpartum get back into running successfully to relieve pain, remove discomfort and enrich lives.

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